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Used thread making machines for sale at MachTechnica.com- dealer of used machines!

Here you can find, or we can locate such used thread machines like: automatic thread rolling machines, thread rolling machines, thread grinders, thread milling machines, pipe threader, brands like REISHAUER thread grinding machine, MATRIX, CSEPEL, NANDINI, HECHERT, STANKO, WANDERER, WANDERER thread milling machine, TUBELA, PEDERSEN, MCC Japan, ASADA, GRAINGER, SDT used pipe threading machines, WAGNER, Wheeler-Rex, WMW BAD DUBEN, UPWS, etc..

Used machines are offered at a less price than the brand new ones. This fact doesn’t means the machines are bad. This means the machines have been already used by another user.

Used thread machines are preferable, because they haven’t significant esteem lost when you decide to resell them. This means you won't lose money.

Used machine offers better flexibility when you would like to use it for a short period, or to begin production of another brand product. You may get them at much less price and resale them at almost the identical price you have purchased them.

In case you want to purchase a thread machine but your budget covers the price of used machine only, it is not a big problem. With small amount you're still guaranteed that you will have a good machine, almost like new one. This is simply feasible at machtechnica.com

The machines are in right working condition with the best price. So in case you are ready to buy a used threading machine, then there is a wide selection for you to choose from.

The customer satisfaction is our key goal, because we want him to come back for some other machine, and to bring a friend. So, if you need a used thread machines-machtechnica.com will provide a wide selection for you.

MATRIX Thread Grinder

MATRIX Thread GrinderCoventry Gauge & Tool Co.Ltd

MIKROMAT GSU 315/1 x 500 Thread grinding machine

MIKROMAT GSU 315/1 x 500 Thread grinding machine Grinding diameter 2-315 mmMax grinding length:-With wheel of 50 mm width- 500 mm-With wheel of 8 mm width- 550 mmMax workpiece weig ...

REISHAUER NRK Thread Grinding machine

Thread Grinding machine REISHAUER NRKThe machine had never been in production! Just 72-hour test-production of 200 threads. Diameter of threads 3- 200 mm Center distance 700 mmThr ...

STANKO 5K822B Thread Grinder

STANKO 5K822B Thread GrinderYOM 1988grinding diameter 200 mmgrinding length 500 mmmax. grinding wheel diameter 400 mmmax. workpiece weight 30 kgmachine weight: approx. 4500 kg-for ...

Thread and spline shaft Milling machine WMW HECKERT ZFWVG 250 x 1250

Thread and spline shaft Milling machine WMW HECKERT ZFWVG 250 x 1250max. workpiece diameter 250 mm threading length 1250 mm max. module 18 min. module 2 center height over bed 260 ...

ModelZFWVG 250 x 1250
Thread grinding machine CSEPEL KHM 250 (MATRIX KM-250)

Thread grinding machine CSEPEL KHM 250 (MATRIX KM-250)Max. diameter 254 mmMax. length of grinding 1000 mmDistance between centers 1050 mmStep range 0,42- 305 mmSpeed of workpiece 0 ...

Thread Grinding machine STANKO 5822M

Thread Grinding machine STANKO 5822M, universalYOM 1976Max dia workpiece 200 mmMax length worpiece 500 mmGrinding wheel 300..400 mmThe greatest angle of lifting of the helical line ...

Thread milling machine HECKERT ZFWVG 250 x 2000

Thread milling machine HECKERT ZFWVG 250 x 2000Workpiece diameter over bed 500 mmMilling length 2000 mmMax. module 7 Work-piece diameter over saddle 250 mmCenter height over bed 26 ...

ModelZFWVG 250 x 2000
Thread Rolling Machine UPW 12.5x70 WMW BAD DUEBEN

Thread Rolling Machine UPW 12.5x70 WMW BAD DUEBENpressure 12,5 t max. workpiece diameter 70 mm threading length 125 / 2000 mm turning speed range 20 - 90 U/min voltage 380 V shaft ...

UPW 25.1 WMW BAD DUBEN Thread Rolling Machine

Thread Rolling Machine UPW 25.1 WMW BAD DUBENthreading pressure 25 tthreading length- no limit workpiece diameter min/max 10/100 mmrevolution per minute 120 rpm continuousroll spin ...

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