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Used electro erosion machines for sale at MachTechnica.com- dealer of used machines!
Here you can find, or we can locate such used Die-sink or Wire EDM for sale from the brands CHARMILLES, AGIE, Sodic EDM, etc.
Used machines are available at cheaper price than the new ones. This will not imply the machines are at a bad state, it means the equipment has recently been primarily installed and used by a different user.
Used EDM machine offers more overall flexibility when your intention is to use the machines for a shorter period, or to get started on a new test production. You will get them at cheaper price and reselling them at almost the same price you purchased them.
Used EDM wire cutting machines or Die-sink electro erosion machine are better choice than new ones because they have no significant value lost when reselling them. This means you can't lose money. New ones depreciate a lot after the first two years, forcing you to re-sell at very low price.
The machines are in good working conditions with corresponding prices. So if you are buying a high performance machine, then there exists a large selection, so that you can choose from.
Customer satisfaction is our key goal since we want you to come back for more machines and bring a new customer. So if you want a used wire EDM or Die-sink electro erosion machine just with one click, then machtechnica.com has a wide selection for you.


AGIE AGIECUT 200 Wire EDM (Wire Erosion Machine) YOM 1988 Control: CNC AGIEMATIC-C Diameter of electrode wire: 0.03 -0.30 mm X/Y/Z-Axis Travels: 400x250x256mm Table: 560 x 44 ...

ModelAGIECUT 200

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