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Used shears, punching and bending machinery for sale at MachTechnica.com- dealer of used machines!
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Used sheetmetal equipment, or pipe bending machines, are accessible at much low cost than the new ones. This does not imply the machine is in bad condition, it means the machine has been at first used by different user.
Used sheetmetal equipment or pipe bender machines are preferred decision over new ones because they have no significant value lost when reselling them. This means you will not lose money. New ones depreciate a lot after the first two years driving you to resale at affordable low price.
Used machines offer better adaptability when you will probably use the machine for a shorter period, or to commence another production. You will get them at less expensive cost and resale them at practically an identical value you got them.
Should you desire a used sheetmetal equipment but your financial plan can just land you a second hand one, at that point this isn't a major challenge. With little money you remain guaranteed with high quality used sheetmetal equipment produced by quality materials and are as good as new. This conceivable This is possible at machtechnica.com.
Customer satisfaction is our key goal for the reason that we want you to revisit for new purchase and supply an extra client. Therefore in case you want a used sheetmetal equipment a simply click at machtechnica.com will give you a big choice.

ADIRA GHV 1340 Hydraulic guillotine shear

ADIRA GHV 1340 Hydraulic guillotine shear Thickness 13 mm Cutting length 4000 mm

GEFI GEB 100/3000 Hydraulic press brake

GEFI GEB 100/3000 Hydraulic press brake YOM 1982 Bending length 3100 mm, Capacity 100 ton, Conventional controlled, 7.5 kW Dimensions 3400x1600x2800 Weight 8600 kg

Guillotine shear DIGEP DLB- 12/3050M

Guillotine shear DIGEP DLB- 12/3050M YOM 1985, Mach. No. 154 Capacity 12 mm x 3050 mm With new blades from the producer.

ModelDLB- 12/3050M
Guillotine shear PIESOK NTH 3150 / 16 А

Guillotine shear PIESOK NTH 3150 / 16 А Hydraulic Shear YOM 1977. Cutting length 3150 mm Max. cutting thickness 16 mm Motor 40 HP Dismantled 2 months ago. Blades/knives avai ...

ModelNTH 3150 / 16 А
Guillotine Shear PIESOK NTH 3150/25

Guillotine Shear PIESOK NTH 3150/25, pneumatic. YOM 1978 Max. length of cutting : 3150 mm Max. plate thickness : 25 mm Main motor output : 55 kW Dimensions l x w x h : 382 ...

ModelNTH 3150/25
Guillotine Shear SAFAN HVS 430-8

Guillotine Shear SAFAN HVS 430-8, hydraulic, robotized YOM 1986 Control CNC LENZE Capacity 8 x 4300 mm Blade inclination min/max- 0.50/20 Motor 18,5 kW Total weight 15,5 tons ...

ModelHVS 430-8
Roll bending machine Strojarne PIESOK XZC 3000/25

Roll bending machine Strojarne Piesok XZC 3000/25 YOM 1966 Number of rolls 4 Max. plate width 3000 mm Max. thickness of prebending plate 25 mm Max. thickness of bending plate1 ...

Sheet metal Bending machine XZM 8000/32

Sheet metal Bending machine XZM 8000/32, Czech Republic YOM 1953 3-rolls bender roll lenth 8000 mm sheet thickness 32 mm upper roll dia. 750 mm lower roll dia. 580 mm wo ...

Strip stamping and forming machine BIHLER GRM 50

Strip stamping and forming machine BIHLER GRM-50 YOM 1981. Origin- Germany Manufacturer: BIHLER Equipped by: -press station 25 tons -5 x forming slides Bending machines 8 ton ...

Strip stamping and forming machine BIHLER RM 35

Strip stamping and forming machine BIHLER RM-35 YOM 1982. Origin- Germany Pressure 7 ton Plate thickness 170-240 mm Sheet width 32-50 mm Equipped by: -press station 10 tons ...

Turret Punch Press RASKIN RT 85

Turret Punch Press RASKIN RT 85 YOM 1983, Serial No.52/ 124 Control- CNC Raskin 303 Tonnage 30 Tons Sheet dimensions 1000 x 2000 mm Repositioning Working Surface 1000x1000 mm ...

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