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On our website you can find, or we can locate for you such used lathes for sale, made by famous machine tool manufacturers, like SCHAUBLIN lathes, Weiler Condor, SKODA heavy lathes, POREBA lathes, CITIZEN machine, KRAMATORSK lathe machines, WMW NILES lathes, different CNC lathe machines, engine lathes, toolroom lathe, automatic screw cutting machine, automatic lathes, OKUMA lathe, TRAUB CNC lathe, Hitachi Seiki, Mori Seiki, EMCO lathe, CNC turning lathe machine, benchtop lathe, single spindle automatic lathes, multi spindle automatic lathes.
Used lathes for sale are available at much lower price than the new ones. That is not because the machines are in bad condition, but because they have been used in the factory facilities of other user.
Used lathe machines offer overall flexibility when your intention is to use the machine for a shorter period, or to get started on a new production. You will get them at cheaper price and resale them at almost the same cost you have purchased them.
Used lathe machines are better choice than new ones because they may have no significant value lost when reselling them. Therefore you will not lose money. New ones depreciate a lot following the first two years, and that will force the owner to resale at very low price.
If you want to purchase a lathe machine but your budget can only help you get a second hand one- no problem. With not so big amount you are still guaranteed with high quality lathe machine, made from quality materials, and as good as new. This is merely possible at
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Customer satisfaction is our key goal since we want him to come back, and not to get only more used lathe machines, but to bring a new customer as well.

Automatic lathe TORNOS MS-7

Automatic lathe TORNOS MS-7 Available 2 machines. Made in Switzerland Max diameter of work 10 mm Spindle bore 11 mm Turning length in one chucking with flat cam 60 mm Max thr ...

BOLEY BDN 160 CNC lathe

BOLEY BDN 160 CNC lathe YOM 1988 Control SIEMENS FANUC Bar Capacity 42mm Jaw Chuck Diameter 140mm Max Turning Diameter 200mm Longitudinal Slide Stroke/turning length 400mm ...

ModelBDN 160
Engine Lathe WMW NILES DLZ 630 E IV

Engine Lathe WMW NILES DLZ 630 E IV Max. turning length : 2.000 mm Max. diameter above the bed : 630 mm Diameter above transversing slide : 400 mm Turning speed : 22,4– 1120 ...

ModelDLZ 630 E IV

Face Lathe KRAMATORSK 1A693, STANKO YOM 1976, Mach. No.60 Faceplate diameter 2500 mm Length of work-piece 3150 mm Work-piece diameter: -Diameter over plate 2300 mm -Diameter ...

Face lathe WMW ZERBST DP 1250

Face lathe WMW ZERBST DP 1250 Max swing over the bed 1250mm Center to center 310 mm Max swing over the saddle 630mm Max weight of workpiece 800kg Diameter of faceplate 1600mm ...

GILDEMEISTER AA 32 Multispindle Lathe

GILDEMEISTER AA 32 Multispindle (8x) Bar Automatic Lathe YOM 1977 New electric valves Very good condition Bar capacity 32 mm 8x spindles

Heavy lathe MASHSTROY C1030

Heavy lathe MASHSTROY C1030 YOM 2012 Height of centers 520 Swing over cross slide 720 mm Swing over bed 1040 mm Swing in gap 1300 mm Distance between centers 5250 mm Width o ...

Heavy lathe ZMM CU1250RD

Heavy lathe ZMM CU1250RD YOM 2015 Height of centers 625 Swing over bed 1320 mm Swing over cross slide 940 mm Swing in gap 1500 mm Distance between centers 4000 mm Width of ...

High precision lathe SCHAUBLIN 125 C

High precision lathe and thread-cutting SCHAUBLIN 125 C Perfect condition. Centre height 125 mm Distance between centers 500 mm Speed 45-3000 U / mm Feed 4-260 mm / min Spind ...

Lathe PONAR TZC-32N2,  CNC

Lathe PONAR TZC-32N2, CNC YOM~ 1985, reconditioned and new control 2008 CNC TSD (Bulgarian origin, on the base of FANUC; LED display) Swing over carriage 320 mm Between cente ...

MAZAK Integrex 70 CNC lathe

MAZAK Integrex 70 CNC lathe YOM 1998 Control Mazatrol 640/ MAZATROL T Plus Swing over bed 915 mm Swing over cross slide 685 mm Distance between centers 2205 mm Work piece wei ...

Multi purpose lathe WAHLI Multi 78

Multi purpose lathe WAHLI Multi 78 Wahli Freres S.A. in Bevilard, Switzerland Multi-function machine with an elevating headstock. It could double as a screw cutting lathe or as ...

OKUMA LC40-2ST Simulturn twin turret CNC lathe

OKUMA LC40-2ST Simulturn twin turret CNC lathe 4 axis Serial No. 1126 Control OSP5020L 3-jaw chuck 750mm Bed Swing Over Bed 600 mm Max. Turning Diameter 550 mm Max. Betw ...

Relieving lathe NILES DH250/4

Relieving lathe NILES DH250/4 Centre height of relief turning slide 150 mm Centre height over bed 300 mm Max turning length 630 mm Max centre distance 1000 mm Tool quick draw- ...

RIKA D 8004- 2 High precision lathe

High precision lathe RIKA D 8004- 2 CNC control SIEMENS 840 C YOM 1998, Serial No. 622 121 2-spindle lathe, 2 linear slide Swing diameter 240 mm, thickness 40 mm, 8 tools cro ...

ModelD 8004- 2

TRAUB TNS 26 DG CNC lathe YOM 1992 CNC Control- Mitsubishi Traub TX 8 F Diameter 270 mm Turning length 330 mm Speed 7000 rpm tool capacity 12 number of turrets: 2 tools ...

ModelTNC 26 DG
Universal engine lathe BULMAK ZMM C13MB

Universal engine lathe BULMAK ZMM C13MB Center height 400 mm Distance between centres 3000 mm Width of bed 540 mm Max. turning diameter - over the bed 800 mm - over the cross ...

Universal lathe BULMAK ZMM C13 MB

Universal lathe BULMAK ZMM C13 MB Distance between centers 2000 mm Swing over bed 800 mm Swing over cross slide 540 mm Spindle speed 8-1000 rpm Spindle hole 103 mm Range of m ...

Universal lathe SU582 BULMAK

Universal lathe SU582 BULMAK Height of centers 290 mm Swing over bed 580 mm Swing over carriage 380 mm Swing in gap 770 mm Distance between centers 4000 Width of bed 400 mm ...


YAMAZAKI MAZAK M4-1000 CNC Lathe Ser.No. 46759 Control 2-axis FANUC 6t Swing Over Ways 560 mm Swing Over Cross Slide 280 mm Distance Between Centers 1000 mm Material dia 62 ...

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