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Automatic lathe TORNOS MS-7

Automatic lathe TORNOS MS-7Available 2 machines.Made in SwitzerlandMax diameter of work 10 mmSpindle bore 11 mmTurning length in one chucking with flat cam 60 mmMax threading diame ...


BIGLIA B 510 SM CNC Lathe YOM 2004 Numerical control FANUC 18i-TB Turning diameter from bar 320 mm Turning diameter 320 mm Rot. Diameter on bench 520 mm Turning length 510 mm ...

BLANSKO SKSJ-1 Vertical Turning Lathe Single Column

Vertical Turning Lathe Single Column BLANSKO SKSJ-1Table diameter 6300mm Diameter of lower flange 6370mm Max. swing with moved out arm 11200mm Max. diameter of work piece clamped o ...

Category:Vertical lathes
BOLEY BDN 160 CNC lathe

BOLEY BDN 160 CNC lathe YOM 1988Control SIEMENS FANUCBar Capacity 42mm Jaw Chuck Diameter 140mm Max Turning Diameter 200mmLongitudinal Slide Stroke/turning length 400mm Facing Slid ...

ModelBDN 160
BULMAK ZMM C13 MB Universal lathe

Universal engine lathe ZMM C13MBAvailable 2 machinesMovable Steady, 400 mm faceplateCenter height 400 mmDistance between centres 3000 mmWidth of bed 540 mmMax. turning diameter- ov ...

C11MB ZMM Mashstroy Lathe

C11MB ZMM Mashstroy Latheturning length 1500 mmswing over bed 495 mm

Center Lathe KART E3N-01

Center Lathe KART UNGARN E3N-01YOM 1982Tip height 145 mmDiameter over bed 290 mmDiameter via cross slide 170 mmTip width 750 mmSpindle bore 27 mmBed width 190 mmSpindle holder DIN ...

CNC vertical lathe TVA FNC 50 4 AP

CNC vertical lathe TVA FNC 50 4 AP Numerical control - 4 axes FANUC 11TT2x self centring chucks O 500 mmVertical working traverse Z- 700 mmVertical working traverse W- 700 mmHorizo ...

Category:Vertical lathes
ModelFNC 50 4 AP
CT 161 CNC Lathe ZMM Mashstroy

CT 161 CNC Lathe ZMM MashstroyServised by TROMAC Troyan New Control SIEMENS SINUMERIK 802CMax. working diameter above the guides - 520 mmMax. working diameter above the support - ...

CT 251 CNC Lathe ZMM Mashstroy

CT 251 CNC Lathe ZMM MashstroyAvailable 4 machines New Control SIEMENS SINUMERIK 802C(one machine with Control FANUC System 6TE ) Max. working diameter above the guides - 520 mmM ...

Engine Lathe WMW NILES DLZ 630 E IV

Engine Lathe WMW NILES DLZ 630 E IVMax. turning length : 2.000 mm Max. diameter above the bed : 630 mm Diameter above transversing slide : 400 mm Turning speed : 22,4– 1120 rpm Spi ...

ModelDLZ 630 E IV
Face lathe WMW ZERBST DP 1250

Face lathe WMW ZERBST DP 1250 Max swing over the bed 1250mmCenter to center 310 mmMax swing over the saddle 630mmMax weight of workpiece 800kgDiameter of faceplate 1600mmSpindle sp ...

GILDEMEISTER AA 32 Multispindle Lathe

GILDEMEISTER AA 32 Multispindle (8x) Bar Automatic LatheYOM 1977New electric valvesVery good conditionBar capacity 32 mm8x spindles


GOODWAY GLS 200 CNC latheYOM 08.2016, installed 2017Available 3 machines:Serial No. 894128- 1154h Run timeSerial No. 894129- 3113h Run timeSerial No. 894130- 3038h Run time Techni ...

HAISHU CNC550T 4-axis CNC Lathe

HAISHU CNC550T 4-axis CNC LatheProducer- Taian HAISHU Machinery Co. LtdYOM 2015Condition- Never used Equipped with two spindle and an additional lower turret with 12 tools, provid ...

Heavy Duty Lathe POREBA TCA 125/12000

Heavy Duty Lathe POREBA TCA 125/12000Mach. No. 114-080, PolandSwing over bed 1250 mm Swing over carriage 950 mm Max turning length 12000 mmWidth of slide carriage 1100 mmCentre hei ...

Heavy duty lathe SKODA S2500 x 12000

Heavy duty lathe SKODA, type S2500 x 12000 Serial No – 19592, YOM 1967 Max turning diameter (over Bed) - 2500 mm; Height above bed - 1250 mm; Max turning diameter over carriage ...

Heavy duty lathe SKODA SR 2000 x 10000

Heavy duty lathe SKODA SR 2000x10000Turning length 10000 mmCentre distance 10000 mmCentre height 1000 mmFaceplate diameter 2000 mmTurning diameter over bed 2000 mmTurning diameter ...

Heavy Duty Lathe SKODA SUA 125 P x 10 m

Heavy Duty Lathe SKODA SUA 125 P x 10 mDiameter over bed 1320 mmDiameter over slide rest 950 mmDistance between centers 10.000 mmWorkpiece weight 14 tWith of slides/bed 1100 mmSpee ...

Heavy lathe MASHSTROY C1030

Heavy lathe MASHSTROY C1030YOM 2012Height of centers 520Swing over cross slide 720 mmSwing over bed 1040 mmSwing in gap 1300 mmDistance between centers 5250 mmWidth of bed 750 mmSp ...

Heavy Lathe SKODA SRM 100 x 3000

Heavy Lathe SKODA SRM 100 x 3000Swing over bed 1000 mmSwing over cross slide 710 mmDistance between centers 3000 mmWorking feed 36Working feed range 0,05 - 48 mm/minRapid feed 3600 ...

Heavy lathe ZMM CU1250RD

Heavy lathe ZMM CU1250RDYOM 2015Height of centers 625 Swing over bed 1320 mmSwing over cross slide 940 mmSwing in gap 1500 mmDistance between centers 4000 mmWidth of bed 700 mmSpin ...

HOESCH MFD D1000-SN-1 Crankshaft heavy lathe

HOESCH MFD D1000-SN-1 Crankshaft heavy latheProducer: Hoesch-MFD GmbH (present-HEGENSCHEIDT-MFD GmbH)YOM 1981 / Overhauled 2001Control SIEMENS Sinumeric 840 C 2-axis machineTurnin ...

HWACHEON Hi Tech 300L CNC Lathe

HWACHEON Hi Tech 300L CNC LatheCNC FANUC 18i-TBChuck Size 254mm/10" Hydraulic ChuckMaximum Swing 600mm/23.6"Maximum Turning Diameter 380 mm/15"Maximum Turning Length 1240 mm/48.8"M ...

KNUTH SINUS 400/3000 C engine Lathe

KNUTH SINUS 400/3000 C engine LatheCenter distance: 3000 mm turning diameter over bed: 660 mm turning diameter over support: 460 mmturning diameter without bridge: 700 mm spindle s ...

KNUTH Turnado 280/2000 universal lathe

KNUTH Turnado 280/2000 universal lathePerfect, used short time.Lead Screw and Feed Shaft Lathe3-axis position indicatorWorkpiece length (max.) 1.928 mmTurning diameter over bed 560 ...

KOLOMNA 1540 F1 Vertical Lathe

Vertical Lathe KOLOMNA 1540 F1YOM 1988 PERFECT CONDITION!The machine has been a part of a factory’s equipment that had performed a repair and maintenance function at a Power plant ...

Category:Vertical lathes
KRAMATORSK 1A665 heavy lathe

KRAMATORSK 1A665 heavy screw- cutting lathe YOM 1977Work piece length 12000 mmWork piece diameter 1840 mmCenter height 1000 mmMin. work piece diameter 320 mmMax. work piece diamete ...

Lathe PONAR TZC-32N2,  CNC

Lathe PONAR TZC-32N2, CNC YOM~ 1985, reconditioned and new control 2008CNC TSD (Bulgarian origin, on the base of FANUC; LED display)Swing over carriage 320 mmBetween centers 1000 m ...

MANURHIN MIRABEL 32 automatic CNC Lathe

Automatic CNC Lathe MANURHIN MIRABEL 32 Maximum bar capacity 32 mmSpindle bore 37 mmMaximum spindle speed 8.000 rpmHeadstock stroke 390 mmBar feeder (plus 1x as spare)

MAZAK Integrex 70 CNC lathe

MAZAK Integrex 70 CNC latheYOM 1998Control Mazatrol 640/ MAZATROL T PlusSwing over bed 915 mmSwing over cross slide 685 mmDistance between centers 2205 mmWork piece weight 3000 kgS ...

MAZAK Slant Turn 35N-ATC Lathe

MAZAK Slant Turn 35N-ATC LatheYOM 1989Control MAZATROL T32-3 CNCX-axis 335 mmZ-axis 1030 mmC- Axis Index .001 degr.Tailstock Taper MT#4Turning Diameter 460mmTurning Length 1000mm S ...

MORI SEIKI SL-25 CNC Turning center

MORI SEIKI SL 25/500 CNC Turning centerYOM 1989Control FANUC 15-TSwing over bed 520 mmSwing over cross slides 350 mmDistance between centers 625 mmStandard machining diameter 230 m ...

NILES DKZ 2500 Vertical lathe

WMW NILES DKZ 2500 Vertical lathe Workpiece diameter 2500 mmChuck diameter 2200 mmMax. work piece diameter with support 2350 mmWorkpiece height 1300 mmRam swivable 30 degr Motor 55 ...

Category:Vertical lathes
NILES DLZ 1000 III x 2500 Engine Lathe

NILES DLZ 1000 III Engine LatheMax. turning length 2500 mmMax diameter swing over bed 1000 mmMax diameter swing over cross carriage 600 mmMax diameter swing over gap 1120 mmWidth o ...

OKUMA LC40-2ST Simulturn twin turret CNC lathe

OKUMA LC40-2ST Simulturn twin turret CNC lathe4 axis Serial No. 1126Control OSP5020L3-jaw chuck 750mm Bed Swing Over Bed 600 mmMax. Turning Diameter 550 mmMax. Between Centers 240 ...

POREBA TPK-80/3M heavy engine lathe

POREBA TPK-80/3M heavy engine latheYOM 1982Perfect conditionHeight of centres 400 mmBetween centres 3000 mmSwing over bed 800 mmSwing over cross slide 520 mmSwing in gap 1050 mmSpi ...

POREBA TPK-80/5M heavy engine lathe

POREBA TPK-80/5M heavy engine lathePerfect conditionHeight of centres 400 mmBetween centres 5000 mmSwing over bed 800 mmSwing over cross slide 520 mmSwing in gap 1050 mmSpindle spe ...

POREBA TZG-250A Face lathe

POREBA TZG-250A Face lathe YOM 1981 Condition- Not used, dismantled. Center height above bed 1300 mm Max diameter above bed 2500 mm Max diameter in gap 3200 mm Bed length 380 ...

Relieving lathe NILES DH250/4

Relieving lathe NILES DH250/4Centre height of relief turning slide 150 mmCentre height over bed 300 mmMax turning length 630 mmMax centre distance 1000 mmTool quick draw-back 40 mm ...

RIKA D 8004- 2 High precision lathe

High precision lathe RIKA D 8004- 2CNC control SIEMENS 840 CYOM 1998, Serial No. 622 1212-spindle lathe, 2 linear slideSwing diameter 240 mm, thickness 40 mm,8 toolscross slide X-a ...

ModelD 8004- 2

ROEPERWERK WEBOTURN-4OO CNC LatheFANUC System 3TTurning diameter 254 mm Turning diameter over bed 328 mm Max turning length 670 mm Turret 8Bar diameter 44 mm Spindle speed 4000 rpm

SCHAUBLIN 102- 80 Precision lathe

SCHAUBLIN 102- 80 Precision latheYOM 1974, Ser. No. 256596Max. permissible swing over bed 200 mmCenter height over bed 102 mmMaximum distance between centres 450 mmHeadstock W20Col ...

SCHAUBLIN 125 High precision Swiss lathe

SCHAUBLIN 125 High precision swiss lathe Diameter over the bed 270 mmDiameter over cross slide 120 mmHeight of centers 125 mmBed length 1000 mmDistance between centers 500 mmSpindl ...

SEDIN 1512 Vertical lathe

Vertical lathe SEDIN 1512 Table diameter 1120 mm Max. turning diameter 1250 mm Max. workpiece height 1000 mm Max. workpiece weight: - 4000 kg (1-160 rpm) - 2800 kg (200-250 rpm) Ma ...

Category:Vertical lathes
SEDIN 1516 Vertical turret Lathe

SEDIN 1516 Vertical turret LatheTurning diameter 1600 mmFaceplate 1400 mmMax workpiece height 1000 mmMax table loading 5 000 kgMax horizontal ram travel 630 mmMax horizontal carria ...

Category:Vertical lathes

SPINNER PD- CNC LatheYOM 2009, Ser. No: AD 2201CNC Control Fanuc 18i Travel X/Z 400/400 mmQ 400 mm C 360°Rapid traverse 12.000 mm/minSpindle 1Spindle Speed 5.000 rpmSpindle bore 42 ...


SPINNER TC 65 CNC latheYOM 2005Turning diameter 310 mmTurning length 600 mmControl Siemens 840 DCenter distance 740 mmGreatest pass round over bed 425 mmSpindle bore 65 mmTool tape ...


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