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FOUNDRY- Induction casting

FOUNDRY- Induction castingCastings 3-600 kg. Bronze, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel.-Induction melting system "INDUCTOTHERM", model "Power-Trak 350kW" s.n. I-634; charging o ...

Steel teeming Ladle 130 t.

Steel-teeming Ladle, volume 130 t.For liquid steelK 130/ Newly built / Brand new. Available 4 items. 130 t volumeHousing, sliding-rule mechanism INTERSTOP 3QC, and tu ...

TOSHIBA DC 350 C Die Casting Machine

TOSHIBA DC 350 C Horizontal Cold Chamber Die Casting MachineDC*C series die casting machines (with pressure spike reduction, flash prevention and independent control of injection s ...

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