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FOUNDRY- Induction casting

FOUNDRY- Induction castingCastings 3-600 kg. Bronze, brass, copper, steel, stainless steel.-Induction melting system "INDUCTOTHERM", model "Power-Trak 350kW" s.n. I-634; charging o ...

IDRA OLZ 100S Hot Chamber Die casting machine

IDRA OLZ 100S Hot Chamber Die casting machineLocking Force 100 tonsTie Bar Diameter 70 mmClearance Between Tie Bars 400 mmDie Thickness (Minimum to Maximum) 120/160 mmMoving Platen ...

Steel teeming Ladle 130 t.

Steel-teeming Ladle, volume 130 t.For liquid steelK 130/ Newly built / Brand new. Available 4 items. 130 t volumeHousing, sliding-rule mechanism INTERSTOP 3QC, and tu ...

Toshiba 350 Ton Die Casting Machine

Used Die cast machineIn good conditionReconditioned in 2018Accessories : ladle only Used very short time.

Model350 Ton
Toshiba 800 Ton die casting machine

Used aluminium die casting machine.In good conditionStill running in production floorFull Accessories : ladle, sprayer, & extractor

TOSHIBA DC 350 C Die Casting Machine

TOSHIBA DC 350 C Horizontal Cold Chamber Die Casting MachineDC*C series die casting machines (with pressure spike reduction, flash prevention and independent control of injection s ...

TOYO 350 Ton die casting machine

Used die casting machine.Reconditioned in 2019Accessories : ladle, sprayer , and extractor

Model350 Ton year 2008

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