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    Embroidery machine KSM SM3-227/12-370

    Embroidery machine KSM-Germany, type SM3-227/12-370 KSM GmbH Kaiserslautern YOM 2005 -12 head -8 colors -Maximum RPM - 1,200 stitches/minute; Guaranteed quality embroidery as ...

    GERBER GTxL cutting and SY-51 Spreading machine

    GERBER Fabric Spreading and Cutting machine YOM 2004 Consist of: -AccuMark System for construction and marker making -Infinity plotter -Spreader Synchron, model SY-51 -Sprea ...

    Knitting machine COMEZ MA/FV

    Knitting machine COMEZ MA/FV Gauge 10 Needle Grooves 300 Bearded needle COMEZ 020/60/683 Speed 170- 240 rpm Three-phase electrical motor 1 HP Production per hour up to 20 met ...

    KNITTING MACHINES- Different models

    KNITTING MACHINES- Different models MAYER, ALBI, ORIZIO, TERROT, WELKNIT, PAI LUNG Detailed models and technical data- in the attached PDF file.

    ModelDifferent models
    Stenter SANTA LUCIA RTSS/4/220

    Stenter SANTA LUCIA RTSS/4/220 Machine No. 971 YOM 1989, reconditioned 2002 Working Width 220 cm Workspaces - 4 cameras/chambers Gas heating- 8 x gas burners Ecol 2001 2 circ ...

    STOLL Flat Knitting machines

    STOLL Flat Knitting machines Available 30 machines Types STOLL CMS & STOLL CMT Detailed List of machines and models- in the attached PDF file. Package Sale.

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