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Used milling machines- for sale at MachTechnica.com, dealer of used machines!

Here you can find, or we can locate such used milling machines for sale or brands, made by famous machine tool manufacturers, like CNC universal milling machine, double column milling machine, horizontal CNC milling machine, vertical milling machines, used horizontal milling machine, milling drill machine, spline shaft milling machine, multi spindle milling machine, portal milling, milling drilling machines, model engineering milling machines, mill CNC machine, gantry milling machines, etc., including the world well-known DECKEL machine, manual DIXI machine, HECKERT milling, MIKRON machines, TITAN milling machine planer type, CINCINATI Milacron, DECKEL milling machine, TOS Kurim, Lagun milling machine, MAHO, HERMLE, HAAS, GROB, DROOP & REIN, EMCO, NOVAR, STARRAG, ZAYER, F. Zimmermann, Waldrich Coburg, SIP milling machine, Aciera mill, Bridgeport milling machines, Steinel, Moriseiki, Sixius, small milling machine, etc.

Used milling machinery for sale- available at lower cost than the new ones. This does not imply the machine is in bad condition, it implies the machine has been initially used by a different user. Especially when the speech is going for CNC mill machine like Hermle CNC, SHW, DMG CNC milling machines, Amera Seiki mills, DIXI CNC, MIKRON CNC milling machine, Deckel Maho CNC milling machines, Matsuura CNC, mills CNC, and other Maschinen.

Used universal milling machine- preferable decision than new ones since they have no significant esteem lost while reselling them. This implies you won't lose money. New ones deteriorate a great deal after the first two- three years, forcing the owner to resale at lower cost.

Used machinetools- they offer better flexibility when somebody likes to use the machine for a shorter period, or to begin another product. In this case he will get them at less expensive price, and will be able to resale them at almost the same price he bought them.
In the event you intend to buy a milling machine, however your budget can cover the level of used ones, then this is not a big deal. With small cash you are still guaranteed by high quality milling machine in use, produced from quality materials and as good as functionality as the new one. This is possible here- machtechnica.com.

The machines are in good working conditions with corresponding prices. So if you are buying a high performance machine, then there is a wide selection for you to choose from. Except the machines stated above, you can find here or we can find for you used mill machines like: Aciera, Hurco, Lagun milling machines, Lagun mill, Maho mill, Hermle mill, Benzinger machines, Sixis, Weiss milling machines, Zayer, other mill CNC, rotary table mills, swiss tooling, etc.

Customer satisfaction is our key goal since we wish him to come back for another machine, bringing a friend. So if you need a used milling machines, just click on machtechnica.com, and get a wide selection.

If you can not find the machine you are looking for, or none of these does not satisfy your demand, please use our inquiry form where you can specify what you are looking for.


Vertical milling machine STANKO 654

Vertical milling machine STANKO 654Table surface dimensions, mm 630 x 1600Distance from spindle to table surface, mm 100..750Distance from spindle axis to vertical guides (reach), ...

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