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Jig Grinder HAUSER S40-DR

Jig Grinding machine HAUSER S40-DRSIP-HAUSER, SwitzerlandSerial No.S400200DRO- ELESTAx-travel 650 mmy-travel 450 mmz-travel 140 mmw-travel (head) 500 mmfeed range 0 - 1500 mm/minta ...

Jig grinding machine HAUSER 3 SMO

Jig grinding machine HAUSER 3 SMOSerial No. 158Table dimensions 595 x 320 mm Max weight on table 200 kg X/Y/Z : 400 x 250 x 500 mm Distance spindle nose and table surface 655 mmGri ...

Jig Grinding machine HAUSER S50-DR

Jig Grinding machine HAUSER S50-DRYOM 1983, Mach. No. S50-0136SIP-HAUSER, SwitzerlandVery good condition, last 20 years used оccasionallyDRO Optima-Electronic MS3000W Main paramet ...

MIKROMAT 6S- SKoE 630x1000/1 PS 2 Jig grinder

Jig grinder MIKROMAT 6S- SKoE 630x1000/1 PS 2Producer- Fritz HECKERT DRO X/Y- ZEISS AE80Table 630 x 1000 mm Max weight of work piece 500 kg Y-Cross travel of the table 400 mmZ-Long ...


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